Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kiss Stamping

It's a while since I wrote but like everyone life gets in the way. I've also been kept busy with my 'day' job helping out in the local school with the exams.

If you read my last post I did make a start on the spring cleaning and a few corners got cleared out but today my hoover has gone on strike....well died I think! It was sounding a bit strange so I carried on until I saw the stream of smoke/dust puthering out and the red fiery sparks flying. At that point I turned the power off and threw it outside just in case it decided to set itself on fire!!

So 'unfortunately' I've had to give up hoovering and do a little crafting. Oak House Studio sell various stamps suitable for kiss stamping - hearts, rounds, tags etc.
This one is stamped with Colour Chemistry pigment ink and the photo is probably the third image so the tag and dragon's tail are both faded. The kanji symbol is then stamped on afterwards.
Its one of those techniques that needs practise - every image is different and its a case of sitting with a stamp in each hand inking and stamping!!

Anyway, best go wash my stamps and then I have a Mother's Day card to finish - I'll post a photo later in the week.

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