Thursday, 2 September 2010

I'm back

Just got back from my travels up country and whilst the weather hasn't been brilliant, we've had lots of sun ... and wind!!

First stop was the North Norfolk Coast where the skies seemed to change every 5 minutes - one minute it was blue with not a hint of cloud and the next it was dark grey - but the sunsets were great most evenings. The seas changed too from deep blue to positively icy green and frothy one day when it was so stormy and we struggled to open the car door to get out!!

We sat on top of Incleboro Hill (with about 100 other people) to watch the Red Arrows do their display at the Cromer Carnival. A brilliant 25 minutes and because we were high and they were flying low, we even got to wave to one of the pilots!!

Next stop was visiting family in Nottinghamshire and then a weekend at Carlton Towers in the lea of a wind farm...and yes, you've guessed it, it was very windy again. We watched volleyball, quoits, tug-of-war etc and went with Lynnda to Coldharbour Farm for some creative fun - here's a view of the Oak House Studio from the lane. We also played cribbage and Lynnda won ....but we think it must have been the quality of her partners!!

Now it's back to school and normality. Funny how September comes so quickly - morning mists and dew - but then maybe I can get some crafting done...... once I've cleared the ironing pile!!

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