Wednesday, 7 December 2011


This is my tag for Hels Sunday Stamper challenge 183 with the theme of LIFE.

Well I've had a bit of a disaster with this one and having struggled through it I hunted for 2 hours for my camera cable to upload the photo. Three cameras and a cable later and then the internet went down for the day. What fun!!

It's vaguely based on Tim's tag no 5 - alcohol ink background. That looks OK but then I tried to stamp snowflakes with Archival and wipe off ... well that didn't work too well and I also dropped the stamp ink down on my jeans. Doh! So I stamped the snowflakes again and then didn't wait for them to dry so my tag now has archival fingerprints in places!! At least I can prove I made it! I finished it off with a ruffle of vellum, some fibres and the Life stamp from Tim's Stuff to Say set. Says it all really!!

If only I had more time I'd do it again - it's certainly a technique worth mastering ... maybe one day.


  1. well it works for me, if you hadn't said we wouldn't have known.
    I have stopped using my camera cable after John Denton told me it was safer to use a card reader. stops me having to hunt for it too!

  2. hiya Elaine, thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper again... loving your take on the Tim Tag! I am no expert but did do this technique at Ranger U and the tip that I would give is... once you have stamped your snowflakes with Archival, go in straight away with a dry cloth, dab at the snowflakes, moving the cloth each time so you dont' get ink from that back on the tag. If you do it gently then you will be able to lift off most of the ink and then you can gently wipe off the excess... hope that helps hun x


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