Saturday, 9 June 2012

Alcoholic Clematis

I know it's a bit early to be drinking but did you think these modernistic chefs had been making alcohol out of clematis flowers?? Wouldn't surprise me as they seem to make us eat more and more flowers!!

But no, it's just a card made for the One Stamp 24hr challenge using Oak House Studio's Clematis Tower stamp and alcohol inks.

You know the saying, don't buy a stamp until you can think of 5 ways to use it......well Lynnda at Oak House Studio has challenged herself to find as many different ways to use her Clematis Tower stamp this weekend. Check out the ONE STAMP page on facebook to find out more and see her creations. Ok everyone can make cards and the stamp looks great embossed, watercoloured, in pastels etc but it also looks great on Home items too.

If you have the stamp, join in. If not, please go look at her creations and leave her some encouragement!!

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  1. Your clematis projects are gorgeous Elaine and really love the background on this one....beautiful!!!


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