Monday, 7 January 2013

A crafty new year?

Well I'm not doing very well so far this year.  I craft on the dining table so had to clear/hide everything away for Christmas and as yet, it's all still hidden away!!   Good news is the Christmas tablecloth has now gone so I'm making progress.

I've entered various challenges in the past as it's a good way to experiment with styles etc and create something.   This year The Craft Barn has started an Alpha Challenge - so 2 weeks to make something with the chosen letter and the chance to win a prize or goodies.  Why don't you check out their blog by clicking the photo and enter.   The first challenge is V.

The idea is to alter a dictionary, or use a dictionary page to make an ATC, Journal etc.  This is the part I'm struggling with as I know if I start with something too elaborate, I'll run out of time later on and not finish.  So I'm still dithering but may go with an A5 base so that I can bind them all together to create an alpha album...............First challenge is find my dictionary!!


  1. I saw this yesterday and would love to join in. I'm sending my scouts out to the charity shops for a dictionary! I too am debating what format to use. I like the idea of working straight in the dictionary but fear that would be a never ending project!!

  2. Hi Elaine, I have seen this idea used before and it is so effective. I can see your dilema but you did such a brilliant job with your calendar last year, I don't think you will be dithering for too long. Oh, and Happy New Year too. Hugs, Anne x


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