Saturday, 6 December 2014

Oak House Studio 2014

Lynnda at Oak House Studio asked me to write a post featuring one of my favourite projects to end the year but to be honest I can't just pick one - the stamps lend themselves to lots of different styles so here are a few:

I started the year doing  Wedding Samples using watercolour paper sprayed with Ink in a Bottle and the Rose stamps.

I like the different looks you can achieve with few supplies.

This is my No 1 favourite ......I think.

Using the Circles and Flowers and Kiss Stamping - great fun!   It's bright, colourful and with lots of interest.

An inky Under the Sea journal page with the Mountain Ash and Oak used as seaweed etc.  My favourite colours - blues, greens and a pop of orange from the Shells and Sealife stamps.

And lastly, a Christmas one which was really fun to do using the Block Frame stamp as a window  looking in to see a Christmas scene.   So that's my 2014 round-up - thanks for looking and for all your lovely comments over the year - it makes blogging all worthwhile!!

Merry Christmas

Elaine xx

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