Wednesday, 28 December 2016

P for a Pile of Presents

The last letter for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge is P so I've chosen to do PRESENTS as it's Christmas a pile of pretty presents plus purple parcels!!

I've used the Christmas Parcel stamp set from Oak House Studio, embossed in silver and coloured with various markers.  As it's Christmas I did include the holly but I have to say the set is suitable for any event really.   I've stamped the holly on the purple card as a border, piled the presents on and added the P Thicker letter and the torn dictionary definitions. 

I'm really pleased I've managed to keep up with this Challenge and here is a photo of all my 26 postcards together....I just need to find the time to make a book for them.  Many thanks for visiting me all year and for all your wonderful comments - they make it all worthwhile.  Also thanks to The Craft Barn for a great challenge - I'm looking forward to seeing what next year's challenge is!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, got plenty of craft goodies and Best Wishes for 2017!

Elaine xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

M for Moon

I should be writing Christmas cards but thought I'd get my postcard done for the Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge - the penultimate letter is M.   I'm a bit short of bold blue postcards in my set so that decided the colour scheme .....and what goes better with blue than MOON.

Please feel free to sing along whilst reading this!!  

The background is a mix of Distress Inks with a masked moon and I've created the rays by lifting the colour off with some water.   I'm afraid my moon isn't exactly round but  just see it as a hazy corona!!  I've added some Musical Score stamping to keep you singing along plus the dictionary definition and M Thicker letter.

Quick and easy this time and only P to go - might have to make a head start on that as the next letter is due Christmas Day. Thanks for visiting and for all your lovely comments!

Elaine x

Monday, 5 December 2016

Y for YEAR

Here's my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is Y.   Really struggled with this one as there are few words to choose from.... in the end I've done YEAR.

I couldn't find any suitable stamps so I decided to cut up my 2016 Calendar - it's an RSPB one and as with all calendars it has small photos on the back to show the different months.  I've chosen the birds I liked the best and 3 of them have yellow on them!!   I've just hand-drawn a frame, added the Y Thicker and the dictionary definition.

Not very inspiring this time I'm afraid but I guess I am the same as everyone else - short of time and ideas!!   Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

Elaine xx

Thursday, 17 November 2016

I is for Illuminate

Here with my postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is I.   There are quite a lot of I words but few that I had a stamp or idea for.  So I've chosen ILLUMINATE so think lights and illuminated letters.

The background is a mix of Colour Chemistry Spray Inks - Citrus Yellow, Pumpkin Pie, Jubilee Red and a bit of Precious Purple (indigo) to create an intense colour scheme as my H and J pages are paler ones.   The stamps are Punky Flowers from Chocolate Baroque and Mini Calligraphy Set from The Artistic Stamper - I've embossed both in gold to represent illuminated manuscripts of old.  I've just used various markers to add more depth of colour, the letter I Thicker  and the torn dictionary definition.

I've lost track of how many we have left - 2 or 3 - but I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's end of year photos.   Thanks for visiting and for commenting!!

Elaine xx

PS. I'm also linking to the Craft Stamper Challenge this month where Anything Goes as long as there is some stamping !!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

U for Umbrella

Back with my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter this time is U.  Having had a read of my dictionary I see there are lots of Un... words but nothing inspiring so I'm going to have to stick with my first thought and use Umbrella Man!

The background is a mix of  Waterfall Pure Colour Chemistry Ink blended over with Blueprint Sketch and Wilted Violet distress inks think ultramarine and ultraviolet. I've flicked water over it to create the rainy look.  I've used Tim Holtz's Umbrella Man - he could be an undercover agent, or an underworld figure and he's definitely underwater hence the need for an umbrella.   Is that enough U words yet?  Anyway it's just finished with the U Thicker and dictionary definition.

I know the Craft Barn will be doing some sort of challenge next year but does anyone have suggestions of other ones I could do that would keep me motivated.  I seem to have lost the plot a bit!!

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you like my postcard.

Elaine  xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

V for Valentine

For various reasons I'm not getting much crafting done but thought I'd have a play this afternoon and make my postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge.  The letter this time is V - I've chosen Valentine but if you visit regularly you will know I've tried to use as many v words as possible!!

So the background is a variegated vibrant mix of yellows through to reds and I've stamped the Pansy Pot down the side with Vermillion Archival.  I've also gold embossed the Pansy stamp and coloured it a purple-blue.....think Violas!!   The main element is the Walesby Heart gold embossed and again coloured in purple-blue.  It's just finished with the V Thicker and the dictionary definition.

Well I've filed that as no. 21 so we can only have 5 more to go = 10 weeks to Christmas.  How did that happen???   Anyway thanks for popping by and for all the comments you keep leaving.

Elaine x


Monday, 3 October 2016

E for Engineer

There's a new letter over on The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge - this time it's E so I've gone for Engineer as I had some suitable stamps.

I've done the background green...think Emerald...but it's actually Mowed Lawn Distress Stain as it fits nicely between the dark & pink letter D and the lilac letter F.   The diagram stamps are from Tim Holtz Steampunk set,  the Checkerplate is from Kaisercraft and the Dapper Men are from Paperartsy.  Whilst my other half is an engineer, you can't really depict them without their Victorian top hats can you?   As always it's just finished with the dictionary definition and my E Thicker from the Platforms set.

Can't believe it's Monday and I've got my postcard done already.  I'm guessing there will be loads of interesting words chosen this to have a look.   Thanks for visiting.

Elaine x

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Triple Fruity Reds and Thoresby!

Here's my next project using the Thoresby stamp and the red pigment inks.

As you can see they come in a positive and negative design - these are from the Texture Squares set as seen on TV. Full details are on the Oak House Studio blog.

Only a few hours left but please visit the blog to see all the DTs projects this weekend and check out the Inkspired page on facebook too.   Many thanks!!
Elaine x

Thoresby Plaque

As you may have gathered by now you don't just have to make cards with stamps and a trawl round the pound shops usually provides some sort of base for a project.  This time I've chosen a large plaque with a raised heart in the middle.

Full details are on the Oak House Studio blog but here you can see how I created a lovely textured frame.

Once this was all dry I painted it with Decoart Media Fluid Acrylics adding the triple embossed heart too.
I really enjoyed making this and am off back to Poundland to buy a few more. Please leave a comment here or on the Oak House Studio blog - there are still more projects to come!!   Also check out the Inkspired page on facebook for more projects.
Elaine x

Inky Backgrounds

A while back I did some backgrounds using the Pure Colour Chemistry Inks on watercolour paper - I overdid the Vintage Green and when it dried I was mightily impressed with the elephant I created.

Can you see it?   Big flapping ears and 2 legs and a trunk!!   Well I can see it but the rest of my family think I'm strange......!    Anyway I made a couple of Gift Card holders. 

For some reason I can see a frog on the inside too and yes, other Gift Cards are readily available!

Anyway hope you like this idea - full details are on the Oak House Studio blog.  For more keep checking back and visit the INKSPIRED group on facebook too.

Elaine xx

Stampbord and Thoresby Stamps

Day 2 of the ONE STAMP weekend and for this project I've used a piece of MDF painted with acrylic inks and added some Stampbord squares.

This is very shiny and difficult to photo - full details are on the Oak House Studio blog.  Don't forget to leave a comment and come back to see more projects from the Design Team.  Also check out the INKSPIRED group on facebook for more info.

Elaine x


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Thoresby Stamp with Brushos

Here's my next project using the Thoresby stamp, inks and Brushos.

The main element is created using Soft Relief Paste in Gold (made by Colourcraft like the Brushos) spread on the Thoresby stamp with a palette knife and left to dry.  Full details are on the Oak House Studio blog so please pop over and take a look.

Hope you like it and thanks for visiting keep visiting for more projects from me and the Design Team.   Also check out the Inkspired page on facebook for more projects.
Elaine x

Wonderful Canvas

For my next project on the Oak House Studio blog I've used a small canvas with inks and the Thoresby stamps. 

Here's a close up of the triple embossed section - Oak House Studio stamps are great for all heat techniques   Please visit the blog and don't forget to leave a comment and pop back later to see other projects from the Design Team.   Also check out the Inkspired page on facebook for more projects.
Elaine x

One Stamp Weekend - Thoresby

It's that time of year again when Oak House Studio have their ONE STAMP weekend - I know it's obvious but it's a weekend to use and show off just one stamp design.   This time Lynnda has chosen to use the THORESBY background.

It comes in various sizes and the ones I have include the large background stamp, the positive one and the smaller two are from the Texture Squares set designed more for silver clay, polymer clay etc.
These have just been stamped in the Triple Sky Blues pigment ink pad.

For full details of my first project check out the Oak House Studio Blog.    Hope you like it and thanks for visiting.  There will be posts from the DT  all weekend and also check out the Inkspired page on facebook for more projects.
Elaine x

Thursday, 22 September 2016

X for Xmas

Today is the first day of Autumn and yet I'm doing Christmas!!  The letter for the next Craft Barn Alpha Dictionary Challenge is X.  There are few words to choose - Xenon is a colourless gas and I don't have a Xylophone stamp so I went with XMAS and added the Christmas definition too!

It's really too early for real Christmassy stuff so I decided to use this musical stamp from Crafty Individuals - I saw Three Ships..........please feel free to sing along!!   It's just stamped on some inky blue card and mounted on a holly background.  As always it's finished with the X Thicker letter and the dictionary definitions.

Thanks for coming over to visit.... I'm off to see what everyone else has been making!

Elaine x

Friday, 9 September 2016

O for Oak

Back with my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter this time is O.   The word I've chosen to do is OAK as in trees, leaves etc.

So I've used an oblong piece of card.  stamped the Oak Leaves with the Triple Meadow Green ink pad leaving an oval plain.   I've stamped the small Oak Tree in the middle and then used edges of the big Oak Tree to stamp round the edges to give that overgrown feel.  I've drawn an oval round the tree and painted a sunsetty scene (I seriously don't like this but have no time to do again).  It's just finished with the letter Thicker and the dictionary definition.

Sorry I didn't get chance to visit you all last time - we were on holiday in Wales with little 4G and we had to sit in a car park to upload my post.  Back home now so I hope to visit you all this time. 

Many thanks for visiting me!

Elaine  xx

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

H for Holidays

I’m a bit late with my next postcard for The Craft Barn’s Alpha Dictionary Challenge as we’ve just got back from holiday.  When I saw the letter this time was H then I had to do HOLIDAY.

 If you are like me you pick up all the touristy leaflets so I decided to cut out all the interesting images and words and create a collage of our holiday on The Gower in South Wales.  We visited lots of places……beaches, tin works, waterfalls… Heritage and History gets a look in too!   I’ve added the letter H and dictionary definition to finish.

I’m not sure I will get round everyone this time as our internet connection is virtually non-existent….but we’re trying!!  Thanks for visiting.

Elaine xx

Sunday, 28 August 2016

More Word Stamp inspiration

Have you entered the Oak House Studio WORD challenge yet?   I think there are a few days left!!

Oak House Studio have lots of different word stamps from small sentiments, to sets that you can cut up and mix and match, background texts and focals.   Here are a few cards to hopefully inspire you to enter ......there is a prize to be won!!

Daisies and Rainbows

Don't forget Oriental Text too!

Christmas  card with Friendly Words

Clematis Tower. English Garden Text & Friendly Words

Winter Words with Christmas Corner
So I hope you've been inspired to enter the challenge.  I think it ends at the end of August so you have plenty of time to join in!  

Elaine xx

Friday, 19 August 2016

Build Your Own Sentiment

In keeping with the WORDS Challenge for Oak House Studio I thought I would show you a few cards I made using the Build Your Own Sentiment set which was launched on Hochanda TV earlier in the year.    There are lots of elements in this set - a few sentiments that can just be stamped or you can cut them up and mix and match the words to fit any occasion.

You also get a dotted line for adding stitch details (left) some flourishes (right) and a solid block (below) which I've inked with the Triple Brown ink pad to create a brick easy way to create a masculine card!

Below I've used the words with the Dog Rose Corner on this zigzag card.

The card below just uses the Build Your Own Sentiment set and the Triple Autumn Leaves ink pad. The block stamp gives a light background for the words.

And here using the same Triple Autumn Leaves ink pad with the flourishes and dotted line to make flowers.

The final card uses a mix of words to create a panel over an inky background stamped with the Clematis Tower.

As you can see this stamp set is really useful and you can create any number of sentiments for your cards and notelets etc.  All the stamps, inks and ink pads are from Oak House Studio.  Go take a look!!
Elaine xx

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Z for Zebra Crossing

Here's my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is Z and we have to add a pearl.   There are not many Z words but surprisingly I did have a choice.... I've gone with Zebra (Crossing).

The background is a Zingy Zesty mix of Citrus Orange and Citrus Yellow Pure Colour Inks overstamped with the Chevron stamp from Kaisercraft.....think zigzag!!  The Zebra stripes are from the Animal Skins set from Inkadinkadoo and I couldn't resist adding this across my postcard so its a Zebra Crossing!!    I've added 3 black pearls, the dictionary definition and the Z Thicker to finish.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - they are much appreciated!

Elaine xx

Monday, 8 August 2016

Rainbow Colours

The new Oak House Studio challenge has the theme of WORDS so I thought I'd have a play.  I decided to feature the Daisies and Rainbow Words set of stamps so obviously I had to make something very colourful!!

I've used Oak House Studio Pure Colour Inks - Blue Jeans, Totally Turquoise, Peter's Pear, Vintage Green, Citrus Yellow, Citrus Orange and French Lavender - for the background and edged this with Valentine Pigment Ink.  I've used the Circle Line stamps to add interest and stamped the words using Orchid Pigment Ink.

The Rainbow Words set is another set that can be cut up and used in lots of ways:
You are my Sunshine
You are my Rainbow on a Stormy Day
You colour my World
You are my World

I'm sure you can think of other combinations too and the good news is it's on SALE at the moment along with lots of other stamps and inks on the Oak House Studio website.  Why not go take a look!!

Elaine xx  

Friday, 5 August 2016

Beech at Sunset

EXCITING NEWS!  I have a card published in this month's Craft Stamper magazine.  It's funny isn't it - I made this so long ago I forgot all about it but there it is in the Ready, Set, Stamp feature.

I saw the colours they were asking for and immediately thought sunset.  It's fairly simple and all the detail are in the article, but here is a list of the Oak House Studio products used:
Vintage Sepia
Vintage Burgundy + Jubilee Red
Pumpkin Pie
Bottled Sunshine

As I said, simple and with few products but I love using the inks for backgrounds - add some water and let things happen - then choose the best bit!!  I dithered about adding a sentiment but didn't want to cover any of it up!

Oak House Studio are also featured in the Stamping Contrasts feature where several designers have used the Walesby Heart stamp - go take a look!!

Elaine xx

Monday, 25 July 2016

C for Caravan

Hello there!  I'm here with my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is C.  I toyed with the idea of doing cartography with a compass etc but in the end went with CARAVAN.

As I did a country scene for B I decided to do a Caravan in a showroom with a Checkerboard floor (both Oak House Studio stamps).  For the back wall I've used various red inks as there are so many reds beginning with C - carmine, crimson, cerise, cherry etc and I've added a bit of interest with some Conifers (Tim Holtz stamp).    It's just finished as always with the torn dictionary definition and C Thicker.

As we are over half way through I thought I'd take a photo of all 15 together - so you can see them but it also helps me see what designs and colours I've done to avoid too much repetition. 

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments - they are much appreciated!

Elaine x

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

N for Needlework

It's only Tuesday and I've made my postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where this time the letter is N.  Mind I did struggle...I read through my dictionary three times before an idea popped into my head.

I've chosen to do NEEDLEWORK and yes I could have added real stitches but decided to stamp an old-style Sampler.  The background is stamped with a Hessian stamp (Kaisercraft) and the Sampler itself uses Stitch in Time stamps (Oak House Studio) and my initials and date are done with the Good Alphabet  (Hero Arts).  I've used the triple ink pads from Oak House Studio too and tried to make it look a bit faded. Having said that I dated it 2016 - I really need to think things through!!  As usual it's finished with the dictionary definition and the N Thicker.

As I said I struggled to find a word this time so it will be interesting to see what others do.  Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

Elaine x

Friday, 8 July 2016

Specimen Butterflies

Catching up with life and decided to enter a few challenges.  Oak House Studio's theme for the month is RAINBOWS and the Craft Barn's is BUTTERFLIES, so I've combined the two.

I've used the new Butterfly Stamps from Oak House Studio and inked the solid butterfly with their Triple Pigment Ink pads - starting with the Fruity Reds, Sunshine Yellows, Autumn Leaves, Meadow Greens, Sky Blues and Berry Purples to get that rainbow look.  I've over stamped these with the Walesby patterned butterfly and also used the same colour inks to create the border.  It's just finished with the Without Change sentiment.

I'm also linking this to the Craft Stamper's Take It, Make It Challenge where anything goes as long as there is some stamping somewhere ....this is all stamping!!

I hope you like and it brightens your day!!

Elaine xx

Monday, 4 July 2016

White Window in a Wall

Here's my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter this time is W.  I've chosen to do WINDOW - a white wooden window in a wall facing west!

The window is the Block Frame stamp from Oak House Studio, silver embossed and with the middles cut out.  The wall is London Fog Ink blended through a stencil - I know I did a smaller brick wall last time but that was for the letter K so they will be well separated in the end of year album!  The sunset (in the west) is a mix of Pure Colour Chemistry Inks - Peters Pear, Bottled Sunshine, Paris Pink, Waterfall and Tempting Teal.   It's finished with the W letter and dictionary definition.

I've decided this is a window in a very old stone in my rush to make this I forgot that you would be inside looking out...doh!!  Anyway hope you like and thanks for visiting!

Elaine x

Friday, 24 June 2016

Butterflies on TV

Just a heads up that Lynnda from Oak House Studio will be on Hochanda TV (Freeview 39) tomorrow - Saturday 25th at 11am and 3pm.

She will be demoing old favourites like the Clematis Tower alongside the Dog Rose and Special Edition Rose sets plus a brand new set of Butterflies.  Here is a look at my samples:

One of the sets is a solid butterfly with a matching Walesby patterned overlay.  I've used it on this card but also used the solid and kiss stamped with the Texture Squares.  The inks are Purple and Orchid Pigments Inks which stay wetter longer than die inks and so are great for kiss stamping. The background uses inks from the French Collection Pure Colours - lots of pinks, purples and mint.

Another card (my DD's favourite) uses the set of 3 solid stamps and the Triple Meadow Green ink pad which makes ombre effects so easy.

I'm sure Lynnda and the rest of the DT will come up with lots of other ideas so please watch the show or record it.  You can also watch it online afterwards on

Elaine xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Secret Garden

Seriously struggling for time at the moment.  I invigilate in exams at my local school so for the last 5 weeks I've been watching students writing, yawning, sleeping etc etc....only 15 more to go then done for the summer.  This morning I managed to finish my postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is K.

There are not many K words and I could have done kite, key or keyhole but in the end I've chosen to do KEYSTONE as I knew I had this stone gateway stamp from Paperartsy.  I've gone for a secret walled garden blending sepia ink through a brick stencil and adding some greenery with Crafty Individuals stamps.  The 'ironwork gate' is a Memory Box die. 

Hope you like and thanks for popping by.   Any comments you leave are gratefully appreciated.

Elaine x

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tree Triptych

Well it's wet and miserable out there so I'm staying in....... here's my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is T.    I've probably been very boring this time and gone for TREE but Three in a Triptych with some added Text.

I've stamped and clear embossed the Beech and Oak Trees with Versafine Onyx Black (to show off all the detail) on 3 pieces of card and using a torn piece of paper as a mask added the Winter Words Text stamp up the hill !  All stamps are from Oak House Studio.   With the mask still in place I've blended on green at the bottom, then blue for the sky and finished with the torn dictionary definition and letter T Thicker.

I tried not to do a scene as my S is a seaside scene but my brain was stuck on trees on a hill.  Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, they are much appreciated!!

Elaine  x  

Monday, 23 May 2016

Stampbord Projects

Over on the Oak House Studio Blog the theme for TAKE 5 this month is Stampbord.  It's a great product with a clay surface that takes ink beautifully, can be stamped and colour scraped away. It comes in many sizes - 2" squares, 1" squares, ATCs, dominos, circles and ovals etc.

Here are a few of my projects.  The first is a necklace coloured with the Triple Fruity Reds, stamped with the Solid Rose stamp, the colour scratched out of the middle and then clear embossed over the top.  I've attached it to a co-ordinating card to give as a gift.

The next one is domino shape with the Walesby Flourish stamped into copper embossing powder and used as an embellishment on a tag.

This one is an ATC sized piece made into a hanging, sprayed with ink, stamped with the Walesby Heart and again small dots scratched out to show the white again.

And finally a small 1" piece stamped and painted and made into a necklace.

There are 5 different designers with Stampbord projects on the Oak House Studio blog so why not pop over there for a browse.  I hope you'll be inspired to buy some stampbord and have a go.