Wednesday, 28 December 2016

P for a Pile of Presents

The last letter for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge is P so I've chosen to do PRESENTS as it's Christmas a pile of pretty presents plus purple parcels!!

I've used the Christmas Parcel stamp set from Oak House Studio, embossed in silver and coloured with various markers.  As it's Christmas I did include the holly but I have to say the set is suitable for any event really.   I've stamped the holly on the purple card as a border, piled the presents on and added the P Thicker letter and the torn dictionary definitions. 

I'm really pleased I've managed to keep up with this Challenge and here is a photo of all my 26 postcards together....I just need to find the time to make a book for them.  Many thanks for visiting me all year and for all your wonderful comments - they make it all worthwhile.  Also thanks to The Craft Barn for a great challenge - I'm looking forward to seeing what next year's challenge is!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, got plenty of craft goodies and Best Wishes for 2017!

Elaine xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

M for Moon

I should be writing Christmas cards but thought I'd get my postcard done for the Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge - the penultimate letter is M.   I'm a bit short of bold blue postcards in my set so that decided the colour scheme .....and what goes better with blue than MOON.

Please feel free to sing along whilst reading this!!  

The background is a mix of Distress Inks with a masked moon and I've created the rays by lifting the colour off with some water.   I'm afraid my moon isn't exactly round but  just see it as a hazy corona!!  I've added some Musical Score stamping to keep you singing along plus the dictionary definition and M Thicker letter.

Quick and easy this time and only P to go - might have to make a head start on that as the next letter is due Christmas Day. Thanks for visiting and for all your lovely comments!

Elaine x

Monday, 5 December 2016

Y for YEAR

Here's my next postcard for The Craft Barn's Alpha Dictionary Challenge where the letter is Y.   Really struggled with this one as there are few words to choose from.... in the end I've done YEAR.

I couldn't find any suitable stamps so I decided to cut up my 2016 Calendar - it's an RSPB one and as with all calendars it has small photos on the back to show the different months.  I've chosen the birds I liked the best and 3 of them have yellow on them!!   I've just hand-drawn a frame, added the Y Thicker and the dictionary definition.

Not very inspiring this time I'm afraid but I guess I am the same as everyone else - short of time and ideas!!   Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

Elaine xx