Monday, 2 October 2017

Kettle Courtyard

Not much papercraft and stamping to show you today but I have been busy.  Now if you are anything like me ....well I like colour and pretty things and can spend hours in a stationary shop etc.  I have hoards of coloured card from Papermilldirect in every colour of the sun and I also love beads as they are so shiny.

I decided I really ought to use some of it and so have just opened an Etsy Shop.   It's called KETTLE COURTYARD - one because my surname is Kettle, secondly I like alliteration and thirdly I hope it will be like walking around a courtyard of different shops ..... so some jewellery, some handmade cards, some mixed media art and some target art.   Here's a selection so far:

Turquoise Spike Earrings

Gold Spike Necklace

Tiger's Eye and Topaz Crystals

Purple Jade and Glass Pearls

Aim is the Key

Some of you may not know but I've been a target shooter for 28yrs - I like to think I might get better at it one day...    So the targets have been shot, the bullet cases used and perfectly safe and I've just added motivational words.

It's early days but I'm hoping to get more goodies made to put in my shop. Please take a walk around the courtyard and tell me what you think.  Here is the link  KETTLE COURTYARD.

Many thanks

Elaine  xx

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  1. Your Etsy store looks great Elaine, you really have some lovely items for sale, which clearly reflect your love of target shooting. I wish you lots of success in your new venture. Anne xxx


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