Saturday, 11 November 2017

Woodland Agate Necklace

As well as getting inky and making cards etc I've now started making jewellery and opened a shop on Etsy called Kettle Courtyard.   Over the years I've amassed a selection of beads, and whilst some are definitely for me, I'd like to share with the rest of you!

Here is one of my latest creations made with some beads from Beads Direct - I was lucky enough to win their Woodland themed giveaway on facebook.  It features some brown agate nuggets teamed with shaded green beads and other rounds called Orange Tweed!

The question here is what to charge for such a necklace.  I decided on £20 - you may think this is too much when the beads were free but what you don't realise is how much design time and actual construction time this took.  To be honest it took me about 4hrs to decide what to do, get the length and balance right and make sure it was as perfect as possible.  That time doesn't include the photography and the long walk I took to find the right shaped twig as the prop.

I am not sure what you think when you look at an object and the price but please don't forget the time it has taken to get it on your screen and the amount of love that has been put into it!

Elaine xx


  1. Elaine, it is beautiful and I don't think £20 is too much at all for such a detailed piece of work - loving the colours!! Anne xxx

  2. Beautiful necklace and a fair price
    Carol x


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