Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Song Sung Blue

It's actually more of a hum really!! This is my little piece for Hels Sunday Stamper Challenge 111 on the theme of Song Sung Blue. Well I like the blue bit - my favourite colour - and I thought I'd follow Hels a bit closer this time so I found a bit of canvas, a bird stamp and began.

I used a music stave peel off as a mask and distressed over it with Broken China and Faded Jeans. So far, so good... I've never done the stamp on tissue technique before so thought I'd have a bash. After all, isn't that what challenges are for - to make you try different things and learn along the way etc. Anyway not having beeswax I sloshed some PVA on and it stuck down reasonably but its a bit lumpy in places. Then I thought I'd add some Crackle Paint - which hasn't! I'm guessing I didn't put it on thick enough as in some areas it just seems to have soaked into the canvas.

Anyway to rescue it I added more Faded Jeans, a bit of a scroll stamp at the top and a metal word. I nearly didn't blog it but then we can't all be perfect all the time!!! It's a learning curve etc etc.

So if you see a vaguely blue canvas on another post, then you know I decided to sand it down and alter it!


  1. Love it! Using the PVA is a fab idea! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

  2. I think I am going through a "blue period" I love this it looks so simple but lots of work in there I guess.
    well done


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