Sunday, 24 July 2011

Isle of Wight

One of the reasons for the lack of posts has been work but also we've been away for a week to the Isle of Wight. We've never been before but it's certainly somewhere we'd go back. We had glorious weather for 5 days so who could ask for more.

The first hot day we decided to go to The Needles and walked along the cliffs to The Old Battery. This is the view from the look-out post right at the end.

The next day we went to Osborne House - the summer home of Queen Victoria. The house was lovely but no photography was allowed so we spent a lot of time in the grounds, the walled garden etc. There were loads of statues including this angel - those of you who watched that episode of Dr Who... well don't take your eyes of her!!

Another day we visited the Tiger Zoo in an old fort just outside Sandown. My daughter has wanted to go for years ever since she heard they walked the tigers on the beach. Anyway they have a selection of big cats - lions, tigers and jaguars - who have all been rescued from circuses etc and just give them a lovely home. We spent all day here.

We walked up and down cliffs, round castle walls, along the coast etc. We saw most of the island and took loads of photos for scrapping. Definitely a place I'd recommend.

And now back to crafting!

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