Monday, 24 February 2014

Journal52 - Found Poetry

Week 8 of the Journal52 Challenge is to find poetry - take a book or magazine page, highlight words with meaning and create a poem.

I chose a newspaper article about monarch butterflies as I liked the photo, highlighted words with a marker and then just painted out the other words with Shaded Lilac Distress Stains.  Here's my poem entitled the 'Faltering March of the Monarchs':

Great spectacles on this planet
Migration of the Monarch Butterfly
Mobile shards of a stained glass window
Win hearts and minds
The great wonders of the world
But no
The lowest point
The world gets a little duller.



  1. How wonderful Elaine, I have not seen a Monarch since I left Canada many years ago - great choice and great poem. Anne xx

  2. Really love your page and poem. Lou x


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