Monday, 17 August 2015

Through the window

Here's another card made using the Vintage Blue Inks from Oak House studio - both the Ink in a Bottle spray and the Pure Colour Chemistry Watercolour Ink.  

I started by spraying some watercolour paper with Vintage Blue Ink in a Bottle and added a little Delicious Damson too.  I silver embossed the Block Frame stamp, painted the frame with Vintage Blue Pure Colour ink and cut out the sections.  To add a little more interest I painted Pure Colour ink onto a small acrylic block and stamped this to create the mottled 'brick' pattern.   The flowers are from the Spring Blooms set (as is the sentiment) - these were silver embossed onto some card sprayed with Delicious Damson and Paris Pink Ink in a Bottle and arranged in a plant pot.  The net curtains are the Mack Rose stamped with White Brilliance onto vellum.

I'm loving playing with these new Inks - they're so intense and allow you to create the shade you want.  I'm looking forward to getting some more colours and having a mixing session in the!!

Elaine x

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  1. I have a vision of you in the laboratory now, mixing up some lovely potions! I love your card, I really 'need' the window stamp next, you always use it brilliantly... Hugs, Anne xx


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