Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Month of May

Back again with my postcards for The Craft Barn's Twelve Month Challenge which is based on Sara Coleridge's poem.  I spent most of April decorating my lounge which meant I had to pack all my craft stuff away and so I missed entering last month but I've had chance to make it now.

April's Challenge was all about primroses and daffodils so I've simply added some bright yellow/orange daisies to an inky background and then finished with the lines from the poem.

May is about lambs and this is another month where I have no suitable stamp.  As ever the trusty internet came through and I found this cute image of a lamb.  I just printed him on some card and flipped the image and printed some smaller ones for the distance.   The background is coloured with Distress Stains, some blobs for hedges and I used a grass stamp at the front.

Am I the only one that thinks the natural world has changed - Sara Coleridge died in 1852 so the poem is well over 160yrs old - but lambs should be April and the lines for June are all about tulips which are well and truly over in my garden.  Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely poem but it doesn't seem to fit the modern world these days.   Anyway thanks for popping by and leaving comments - they are very much appreciated.

Elaine x


  1. Both cards are beautiful, I love the gorgeous daisy flowers and colours on the first one and the lambs are adorable on the second (my favourite animal) - great improvisation.

    I totally agree about the natural world changing so much since 1852, I wonder what it will be like in another 160 years...... Hugs, Anne xx

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read June's verse about tulips. I was wondering what part of the world she was in where tulips grew in June. I was in Holland at the end of last month and there will be no tulips there in June either. You did well to find the image of a lamb and I like the scene you have created. Your daisies are gorgeous, I love the colours.

  3. I agree with your comment about the verse not matching our 21st century months, maybe there was a bit of artistic license in the poem. I love the little May scene and the vibrant daises for April. The lamb is cute and clever to use the same image to make the small lambs. I do love seeing what great ideas everyone comes up with.

  4. Love your April and May postcards. I, too, am a little confused by the inclusion of tulips in June! Thank you for joining the Craft Barn Month Challenge xx

  5. A really pretty postcard. A sign of global warming methinks?! There's also pressure from growers to be the first in the market with varieties and very little is grown totally naturally in the outdoors...things have certainly changed in the last 160 years!

  6. Fabulous couple of postcards, I do like the colourful April one. I agree about the poem being out of sync with our current climate - must be global warming!

  7. Lovely cards, you did well with the lambs! xx

  8. Two contrasting postcards. I love the vibrant feel of the first one and the quiet nature of the second.

    The tulips in my garden were over before we even got to May!


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