Thursday, 23 August 2018

Where did the Summer go?

Well I almost feel embarrassed at how lax I've been and how long it is since I posted anything.  Today is not going to be any different either but at least I have 5 minutes to myself.

I spent most of May and June and a week in July invigilating exams at the local school - I think I did 60 exams in 7 weeks.  Very tiring on the feet and whilst you are not doing much, by the time I got home I ate then fell asleep.   We did manage a week in Somerset visiting the sites, gardens and the coast, drinking cider and eating cheddar.

As soon as the exams finished my dad ended up in hospital so that involved trips north.  After 4 weeks he managed to get out and we joined him to celebrate his 93rd birthday and my parents' 70th wedding anniversary.  A day later both my parents fell over and were both taken to hospital.

That's why my blog has been left unattended, I haven't had chance to make anything, join in any challenges and if I've missed commenting on your blog posts then I apologise but sometimes life gets in the way.  Hopefully things will quieten down and I will feel more creative day!!

Elaine xx