Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Where does the time go?

I can't believe its September already - where does the time go?   I kept thinking I should write a blog post but then what should I write about.   I've tried to pick a theme but to no avail.  So today is the day to waffle about nothing.

Seriously life does seem to be getting back to normal but with less spontaneity - you go can go places or eat out but only if you remember to book in advance etc.  I did get out to meet a few friends that I haven't seen since March and we had a visit to school on exam results day as our Exam Officer retired.  I've been invigilating for 14yrs so will now be on my 4th Exam Officer - we'll soon have the new one trained to our way of doing things, assuming they ever do exams again.  Who knows what will happen!!

Other than that we've been gardening and walking although that was curtailed by a week of 34 degrees heat followed by the week of rainy stormy weather.  It seems to have settled down again.  Our touring caravan sprang a leak over the winter so it was a little damp in one corner.  We've had that fixed now so can go on holiday but where do/can we go and will the weather hold.  Who knows - watch this space.

Other than that I've been working on my family history and writing my life story.  I have no idea if anyone will be interested to read it but I don't care - I'm doing it for me.  I started out 17yrs ago as my Dad wanted to know if we were descended from Hugeunots - I'm still not sure........but will keep looking.  I've definitely got back to a marriage in 1718 but am temporarily lost.

Anyway thats my September post...maybe I'll be back before October!!

Take care everyone

Elaine xx

Monday, 27 July 2020

Another week, another post

I'm not sure why I'm writing this post but I am purely to try and keep my blog going.  Nothing has happened in the last couple of weeks but maybe in the future something will happen that is worth writing about.

I might be typically English and discuss the weather - a mixed bag really, some hot, some windy and some rain which the garden definitely needs.   I bought some snapdragons earlier in the spring but one by one they are just going limp and I don't know why - too wet, too dry who knows - but on a swift visit to Homebase I bought a big fuchsia which has filled 3 holes and so far, so good.

This week is wear a mask in the shops week - after hours of searching online I bought a pretty mask but its far too small.  We ran out of bread so I had to go to Sainsburys on Saturday.  What with it chucking it down with rain outside, wearing a mask, steaming up my glasses inside and out, it wasn't a pleasant experience.   So this week is spend more hours searching folksy, etsy etc for another mask that hopefully fits.

Not sure I have much else to do.  I've arranged to meet a friend for lunch in 2 weeks time- we haven't had a good long gossip since February so that's something to look forward to.  In the meantime I shall watch the baby blackbird having flying lessons.  The parents have been going into the honeysuckle bush regularly with mouths full of grubs and last week I could hear the chirping.  This morning the baby was out being chased from washing line to bench to bird feeder by mum - get those wings going!!    I shall try and get a photo.

Anyway I'll stop rambling now.  Stay safe everyone.

Elaine xx

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Show must go on!

Another week, another blog post - I've decided to stop numbering the weeks as I think this thing is going to go on forever.  Life is getting back to normal just with a little extra space and hopefully extra consideration for others.

Whilst we've been in lockdown we've been watching the musicals that Andrew Lloyd Webber etc has put on youtube free every week so that has occupied us every Saturday afternoon.  This week is the last one - Joseph and his Amazing Technocolour Dreamcoat.  I think this was the first one shown, but we missed it, so at least we get chance to watch it again.

In Spring this was the Berberis Darwinii at the bottom of the garden - it is now covered in juicy purple berries and is being feasted upon by my blackbird and starling families.  That's fine except birds poo purple which occasionally gets on my washing and yesterday we had to bleach the front door to get rid of the stain!!

Oh well that's my life this week.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!!

Elaine xx

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Week 15 - the new normal

Week 15 but who's counting.  Life is getting back to normal or the new normal - queue for everything and give everybody a wide birth.

At least I have been out a bit more - one walk into town, a trip to the jewellers to get some engraving done and a lovely wet walk to Nymans Gardens.  The weather forecast kept changing - I thought we might get away with a bit of drizzle, but no, it rained all the time we were there!   Anyway here are a few photos starting with a misty photo of the house which is part ruin.

And then some architectural plants including this strange tree - a thorn of some kind.

Well that's another week over - stay safe and healthy everyone!

Elaine xx

Friday, 26 June 2020

Week 14

Week 14 I think and still blogging - not sure how I've managed it and how much longer I will do my weekly round-up.  The last 2 days have been blooming hot - over 30 degrees both days and the overnight rain and thunderstorms lasted about half an hour I think.  Not really enough to clear the air and dissipate the heat.   I've been out for a walk this morning - only a gentle stroll across the local park but it's uphill and hot and sticky and I'm now stuck to the settee!

Only news this week is that I've actually been into town shopping - that must be 15 weeks since I last went.   I only went as Shoezone are shutting down and I wanted some new sandals to slob around the house in and some new exam shoes should we ever do any exams.  Some nice comfy shoes to stand in for 6hrs and with nice soft soles to not make a noise and disturb the students. Also useful for sneaking up on the misbehaving ones and catching them in the act!!

Next week my daughter has taken the week off work so I've booked for us to go to Nymans NT gardens - another local property.  I was trying to get tickets for Sheffield Park but the only slots available had only 1 ticket - not much use for 4 of us.  Sheffield Park is renowned for it's autumn colour so we tend to visit in October and sometimes in the Spring but have never visited in the Summer - they've had a waterlily festival the last couple of years but not seen them so that would have been nice. Never mind a walk will be good no matter where.

So next week I'll have photos to cheer this up - until then, stay safe and well.

Elaine xx

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Week 13 - Still counting

Good morning one and all.   Yet again I've not done much exciting so I'm going to be a true Brit and talk about the weather.   Whilst it's been quite warm, we've had some short spells of thunder and torrential downpours.   The white rose on the front has been battered and to be honest, it looks like snow outside with all the white petals on the ground.

Other local news - we live about 10m from Gatwick Airport so are used to seeing planes skirting round town on their way to land.  However planes have virtually stopped - we've seen the Spitfire on VE Day and the odd light aircraft.  Lately it seems the RAF have been practicing their circuits and bumps at Gatwick so the highlight of people's days are the big freight airbuses going overhead.

Last Thursday we booked to go to Standen, our local NT property and whilst the forecast was for rain, it stayed dry and sunny.  There was a one way system so we sauntered and really didn't see many people. I did bump into a friend who was sat with 2 others - they all work in the house, but have no idea when it will open again.  Also they were saying a lot of the house stewards are well over 70 so can't go out either.  Hopefully everything will sort itself out shortly and we can all go out without worrying too much.   Having said that it has made most people more polite in the shops and park so that's a good thing.   Anyway I will leave you with more photos......

Stay safe everyone

Elaine xx

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Week 12 - Staying in

Well this is going to be a very short post - I've stayed in and done nothing much exciting.

I'm at the pottering stage, in the garden, round the house tidying bits, across the park and painting down the Rifle Club.  The majority of the painting has been done - it was bright yellow with blue panelling below.  Whoever painted it previously made it look like a kid's playschool.  It's now magnolia at the top and a pale green below to match the dark green carpet tiles.  These colours were chosen about 4 years ago (nobody did any painting) and were to match the curtains which have now been replaced with blinds.  However it is nearly done, all the rammel has been thrown out, windows cleaned etc ready for re-opening who knows when.

After crossing all our events off the calendar, tomorrow I have booked to go to Standen which is our nearest National Trust property so we will go for a walk, in the rain.  My daughter who has been working from home hasn't been outside for nearly 13 weeks - hope she remembers where she left her shoes!!

Well that's it.  No photos.  Nothing exciting.  Just staying in, keeping safe!!

Elaine xx