Thursday, 10 July 2014


First of all apologies to my readers for the lack of blogging recently - having finished invigilating in the exams and fetching both daughters from University, we then went on holiday and had a lovely relaxing week in Kent.  Holiday rules are no TV, no computers and no internet - so lots of reading, walking, Port Lympne Zoo, Dover Castle, Walmer Castle etc etc. 

I'm way behind on all the challenges I normally enter but have been doing some crafting.  Lynnda at Oak House Studio is doing another 24hrs of crafting - well two 12 hours stints - so I've been doing some prep and some projects for the blog. 

The ONE STAMP this year is the WALESBY HEART which comes in 3 sizes and is great for lots of different projects.  The challenge is from 8am-8pm  Sat 12th & Sun 13th and there will be inspirational posts every hour on the OAK HOUSE STUDIO BLOG.  Leave a comment on the blog posts and you have a chance of winning an Ink Pad Storage unit.

There is also a Facebook page where everybody can join in so please take a look at that too. The whole purpose is to show just how versatile one stamp can be in whatever style you choose.

Right, I'm off to ink something!!

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  1. I like the idea of no technology on holiday, it sounds blissful. I love Kent too, my son lives there and there are so many wonderful places to visit. Nice to see you back. Anne x


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