Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Golden Arrow

My husband's company won a big contract so on Saturday evening we were treated to dinner on the Bluebell Railway's Golden Arrow Pullman service. I should add he's a Railway Engineer so going on a steam train was topical!!

We embarked at Sheffield Park and shuttled up the line three times to Horsted Keynes where this photo was taken. For those who don't know the line is to the south of East Grinstead (soon to be connected) and has been used many times in films, The Railway Children being one. A good time was had by all although eating, pouring wine and then drinking it was quite interesting on a chugging and bumpy train.

Lillian, our carriage, has been beautifully restored, comfy seats, subtle lighting, wood veneered panels etc and it definitely reminds you of how comfortable it was to travel. I quite fancy a longer trip like the Orient Express but I don't think I'd sleep much - I've watched too many Bond and Agatha Christie films where there is always a dead body in the fold down bed or someone clinging to the outside of the train when the blind is opened!! Or is that just me??


  1. Oh how fab! I love the Bluebell. We used to go and see Santa on the 'Santa Express' every year when we were kids. It never seemed odd that Santa travelled by steam train! I guess rather than a body I'd be expecting a big jolly fellow to be handing out presents...

  2. This sounds like a real treat Elaine, I've been to the Bluebell railway ( quite near some fab craft shops too *wink* ).
    Glad you enjoyed the meal out :0)
    Jenny x

  3. This sounds like a lovely trip Elaine and congratulations to your hubby for winning the contract. I'm with you on the dead body front - I woudldn't be able to sleep a wink! Vicky x


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